Felipe Braga

Felipe grew up in an environment where music, dance, and rhythms are a part of everyday life. Spending most of his youth in music studios, theatre productions and performing absurd theatre sketches in a local theater in his hometown in Brazil, Felipe only encountered Swing Dancing when he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to study film making.

Feeling drawn to Jazz Music and the beauty of the social dance culture, Felipe's pursuit in the Jazz Dances took him to the biggest dance camps and competitions around the world.

There he would learn more about the origins and history of this culture that had captivated him.

In the next few years, Felipe would establish himself as an avid performer and instructor, sharing his passion and love for Jazz history, music and dance.

Stephanie O'connor

Stephanie originally hails from Auckland, Aotearoa (New Zealand).
With a vested interest in visual art, she spent most of her adult life exploring photography and post production. Alongside visual art, she was often involved with dance and movement, but nothing was truly captivating until Lindy Hop was shared with her. Although a late bloomer with Jazz, she strives to continue to learn and be humbled as a guest in this folk art.