Photo use with kind permission by Clàudia Fonte

Clàudia Fonte

Clàudia Fonte explores and embraces all kinds of playful ways in her dancing. Her main source is Swing music. Furthermore, she likes to connect and communicate with the other dancers and get inspired by them in partner dancing, as well as in solo dancing.

Where she really expresses herself and shows herself is solo dance. Improvising creates a fruitful and joyful environment to find new movements and to set creativity free while providing the dancer with a cheerful atmosphere.

Authentic Jazz enables her to achieve and explore challenges proposed by Swing music. Essential to her approach is promoting solo dancing in the context of social dancing, as well. Dancefloor is where everything starts and where the magic happens.

Credit: Clàudia Fonte

Photo use with kind permission by Remy Kouakou Kouame

Remy Kouakou Kouame

Remy Kouakou Kouame is an established competitor, performer and teacher. He made the transition from world champion Boogie Woogie dancer to the Lindy Hop world, with a starring role in the viral music video “Two Cousins” with Ryan Francois.

Remy lives to share the joy of dance. For him, dancing is to live… to express!

Remy is the Director of French event Xpress Your Swing, and the choreographer of the infamous Caribbean Shim Sham.


Photo credit: mindfest media

Frenschie & Walter

Frenschie Leone and Walter Bauer from Munich have long-term teaching experience in Lindy Hop and Charleston and Vintage Jazz.

They have taught as visiting teachers at Hep Cat Club for numerous workshops as well as danced with the Hep Cat Club team at different shows (indoor and outdoor) and bring a lot of energy and fun to their classes.

At XmaSwing they will teach the special class on Friday and get you in the groove for the weekend :)

Band - Bebof's Swing Jam Quintet

For our Saturday Evening Dance - welcome to Bebof's Swing Jam Quintet


Bebof Böhm - guitar

Stephan Holstein - saxophone / clarinet

Edwin Göppel - trumpet

Uli Fiedler - contrabass

Zeise Zeitner - drums

Foto use with kind permission by Zazie Métro

DJ Zazie Métro

Our DJ for the Saturday Evening

Zazie Métro loves jazz! She finds it in very different styles, from New Orleans jazz to classic big band swing and black rhythm & blues to contemporary swing. Excursions to all possible neighboring areas are possible at any time! Above all, it is important to her not to just randomly string together any songs, but rather to draw an arc that keeps the desire for dancing cooked. Let yourself be surprised!

DJ Ferenc

Our DJ for the Friday Evening Dance

Lindy Hop or Boogie, Shag or Balboa, quick or slow.... fun music to dance and variations are important to Ferenc. Expect a diverse set that crosses music styles at gets you swingin'

Foto credit: Florian Meinhardt

Photo use with kind permission of DJericho


Our DJ for the Friday Evening Dance

Swing Classics meet current trends. Rarities on catchy tunes. You can't leave the dance floor with that groove. This time seasoned with XMas songs.