XmaSwing 2021

NEWS - update to Covid-regulations (October 12th)

There has been an update for the Covid-regulations in Bavaria as of October 12th. For XmaSwing, this update means that whereas the workshops are still considered sport and the vaccinated-recovered-tested (German "3G" regulation) applies, the evening dances are considered a club event and therefore the vaccinated-recovered-PCRtested (German "3G-Plus") regulation applies. This regulation is by the authorities of the Free State of Bavaria and is in effect immediately after October 12th.

  • This means, that for participants at the evening dance who are neither Covid-vaccinated and nor Covid-recovered, PCR tests are mandatory for the evening dances. No other tests allowed. For participants who are fully Covid-vaccinated or Covid-recovered, nothing changes (you still need to bring your certificates/official documentation, but there are no more mask requirements or distance requirements at the evening dances and alcohol may be served). For details, please see our covid-regulations info page.

  • Those who do not wish to attend the evening dance due to this change, can return their tickets free of charge and will receive a refund (conditions under which those tickets were booked did change).

  • If workshop tickets are returned on or after October 23rd, we will also give you a refund, but charge a handling fee of 20 Euros since the conditions under which those tickets were booked did not change.

To return your ticket(s), please write to info@hepcatclub.com with subject line "XmaSwing return tickets", your name(s) and which ticket(s) you would like to return.

NEWS - all tickets sold - waiting list (October 17th)

All tickets sold out (waiting list). Registration has opened on October 6th, 2021 but all tickets are already sold out. There is a waiting list and we will notify you in the order of waiting list entries if spots free up.

NEWS - teachers, band and DJs confirmed (September)

We are super excited to welcome Clàudia Fonte and Remy Kouakou Kouame on Saturday and Sunday to Augsburg 2021 and Frenschie and Walter for a special class on Friday! For the Saturday evening dance, Bebof's Swing Jam Quintet will play for us - we are so glad to have live music back to the Hep Cat Club. We also have three DJs - DJ Ferenc, DJericho and DJ Zazie Métro to get you into the XmaSwing-mood.

Keep up to date!

Please check covid regulations regularly to see what the current rules are, we will update those who have already signed up if regulations change.

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Please contact us at info@hepcatclub.com

Stay in touch & see you in Augsburg!

About XmaSwing

Our XmaSwing is a very special festival at a very special time of the year!

Our XmaSwing festival offers you workshops in different levels for lindy hop and authentic solo jazz. Before christmas, the City of Augsburg is even more beautiful than usual, and invites you to take a stroll in the illuminated streets and enjoy some mulled wine and delicious food at the christmas market.