Trisha Sewell

Trisha hails from Hertfordshire, UK, and has been teaching since 1997 and on the international scene since 2003. For 10 years she contributed to establishing the first European swing dance brand and the biggest of its time. Trisha has built up a reputation for being one of the most influential teachers within the European Swing Scene. 

She has spearheaded the revival of Authentic Jazz within the UK, working and training  with some of the freshest dancers and teachers around. It’s been said that her teaching style is innovative, dynamic and inspiring. Always engaging and fun, Trisha loves to make people laugh and feel relaxed in her classes. At the end of her classes students are filled with energy and excitement. Trisha ensures that class material is detailed and balanced for followers. The result is the dance looks as authentic as it can. Trisha’s ability to communicate complex concepts and patterns clearly means students find themselves easily understanding how movements and steps should look and feel.

Carlos Machava

A professional dancer from Mozambique, Carlos has danced with the National Ballet of Mozambique, the Companhia Nacional de Dança e Canto, and with the Hodi Maputo Afro-Swing company. Currently, he dances and teaches traditional dances from Mozambique and swing and afro-swing  solos jazz dances in Geneva, Europe and at international festivals.

When Carlos discovered swing dances, he immediately loved these Afro-American dances which mix African and European origins to express all the richness of jazz music. He likes to bring roots jazz back to its roots, mixing it with traditional dances from Mozambique.

For Carlos, dance is the expression of music and its moving rhythms and it is all this energy that he transmits on stage and in his classes.

Alexandre McCormack

Alex is Benelux multiple-time vice champion in breaking and has taught various street styles since 2006. In 2013, McCormack discovered old clips such as Hellzapoppin and the Spirit Moves and set himself on the journey to emulate the “oldstyle” in black american Jazz and Lindy Hop. Most of his inspiration comes from studying the Greats or discussing directly with elders. His motto is “Master the foundation to understand the dance and personalise to contribute to it”. He will jam for hours into the early morning to uptempo Bebop Swing, shaky Mambo and slow Blues. Back in Brussels, he trains with his group, the Old Soulz on a regular basis.

Jill De Muelenaere  

Jill started dancing when she was a child. She is trained in classical ballet, modern jazz and jazz dance, contemporary dance and yoga. She has been teaching these different disciplines for the past years, now sharing her time between her passion for dancing, her work as a contemporary dance and theater producer, a massage therapist and a yoga instructor.

Specifically inspired by the authentic vernacular dancing showed in old movies and the african roots of the dance, Jill is ceaselessly in search for a sense of freedom within the dance. She finds her happiness on the dancefloor in fast athletic lindy hop, a rythmical mambo, or a slow dragging blues, and have at heart to stay true to the legacy of the era and the originators of the dances as best she can. In class, her goal is to create a joyful yet challenging and encouraging experience for everyone, allowing each dancer to develop their own individuality in their dancing.


Hot Swing Sextett

... offers a trip back in time in the frenzied atmosphere of the jazz clubs of the 30s. From Paris to Harlem, from Django Reinhardt to Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong through, Hot Swing Sextet organized for you, a trip „tailored“ towards „Swing“. 

Get on board with these six young musicians full of energy. „Swing“, „Swaying“ and good humor are on the menu of this great Journey through the „Middle-Jazz“.

The Hot Swing Sextet will play on Friday and Saturday Party!

MC & DJs

MC & DJ Enzo

Enzo started dancing in 2016. He was directly into it and danced on almost every social dance In 2019 he started DJing and in 2022 teaching Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz. In his local scene he is famous for his very groovy and rhythmical DJ Sets that will burn everyone's feet. For Enzo there is a big interest to really understand the culture. He researches a lot in the history, music and tries to integrate this in his DJ Sets, classes and communicate the values to build a respectful and open-minded community.