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Please read the info further down on this page for more information and links to the tickets.

Early Bird Prices until October 25th 2023

Early Bird Prices will be available until October 25th as shown in the table below. After October 25th, prices will go up to the crossed out prices as shown in 

Normal Bird Prices from October 26th 2023

On October 26th prices will go up to the crossed out prices in the table below

Booking Options

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Below, you find all options for booking:

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With the links below you get directly to the corresponding ticket.

Concerning Payment

We use the services of PayPal for our tickets. However you do not need a PayPal account to buy tickets for the festival. When you proceed to check-out, in the segment "Choose a Payment Gateway" you have the option "Ohne PayPal bezahlen / Pay without Paypal". Choose this option, then follow the instructions and click on the yellow "PayPal" button to proceed. If you get asked again to log into your PayPal account, look for an option "Pay with credit/debit card".

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Lindy Hop Intermediate (5h) sold out! Waiting list
95 105 (cannot be combined with Solo Jazz Advanced)

Lindy Hop Advanced (5h) – sold out! Waiting list
95 105 (cannot be combined with Solo Jazz Intermediate)

Solo Jazz Intermediate (5h) sold out! Waiting list
95 105 (cannot be combined with Lindy Hop Advanced)

Solo Jazz Advanced (5h)
95 105 (cannot be combined with Lindy Hop Intermediate)

Friday Special - Trio Class with The Jazz Messengers - Intermediate & Up (2h)

Party Pass - Friday, Saturday and Sunday
59 (should not be combined with only Friday, Saturday or Sunday Party)

Only Friday Party
27 (should not be combined with Party Pass)

Only Saturday Party
29 (should not be combined with Party Pass)

Only Sunday Party
10 (should not be combined with Party Pass)

Mix & Match Competition -> all XmaSwing participants will get information via email

All tickets on one page in our shop >

How does it work with tickets for single leaders and followers and the waiting list? The long answer:

For a balanced experience we only allow a certain number of surplus leaders or followers. Therefore, if there is an adequate balance, tickets for both roles are available as long as the workshop is not already sold out completely. If there are no tickets available for your role but for the other role, it means, that the maximum surplus of your role has been reached or all tickets of your role are sold. As long as couple tickets are still available, there is a chance (not a guarantee!) that a ticket for your role will be available later. But this is only if someone buys a single ticket for the other role. If there are no more couple tickets available, that means your role is completely sold out.

That means the availability of tickets for your role may change later due to purchases of tickets of the other role. If you want to purchase a ticket and your role is currently not available you can check later or you can sign up on the waiting list.

At the moment, there are no official Covid-Regulations for events such as ours in Bavaria. This may change though. The 2022 XmaSwing will take place in compliance with the Covid-Regulations in force in Augsburg, Bavaria at the time of the event (16th-18th December). Furthermore, we reserve the right to introduce additional measures to keep everyone safe at the event such as, but not limited to, for example Covid tests.

Any measures introduced by law or by the Hep Cat Club will not entitle to a partial or full refund. Refunds will only be granted if the event does not take place at all.

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