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XmaSwing 2023 - Schedule

Level Information

Lindy Hop Intermediate

You know all the basics and some variations of Lindy Hop. You can dance to a great range of tempos with any partner. You want to improve your technical dancing skills and learn new patterns to feel confident on the dance floor and spice up your dancing.

Lindy Hop Advanced

You breath connection and you no longer need to think about basics! You can lead or follow variations und complex patterns without thinking. You feel confident on the social dance floor and even fast or difficult music won’t stop you! You want to improve your style by getting to know the style of the teacher. You are dancing Solo Jazz at an intermediate level.

Solo Jazz Intermediate

 You've already made some experiences with Solo Jazz Workshops or regular Classes (at least half a year). You can dance the Shim Sham and some other Routines

Solo Jazz Advanced

You are crazy about Solo Dancing. You’ve already attended other Solo Workshops in higher Levels.

This is the highest Level of Solo Dancing in this workshop, if you are not familiar with all the basic steps and you never tried to improvise this is not the place to be for you! ;)

Friday Special - Trio Class with The Jazz Messengers - Intermediate & Up

You've already made some experiences with Solo Jazz Workshops or regular Classes (at least a year). You can dance the following routines and are familiar with the jazz steps within: the Shim Sham, Tranky Doo, Big Apple.

The Jazz Messengers like to keep their approach as wide as possible, which can include many ways of looking into movement by using many types of techniques throughout the classes. As a major source of inspiration they look to the Jazz Musicians, the formations they take when they play together and how this reflects directly our own dancing.

Studying swing music and its roots, in class we work on developing the tools needed in order to adapt our dancing. And create a closer relationship between the way we move and the many periods throughout the development of jazz music with the different styles that have emerged from it.

Be ready for an intensive guided training session in order to explore the depth of all the concepts introduced during class. You will train solo, in pairs as well as in groups of three or more.

You will have the opportunity to experience the continuity in your work and ongoing progression with your learning throughout the workshop, but also the time to develop material and to interact with the others in class.